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The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure Book

Though many people desperately need the restorative power of addiction treatment sometimes, for whatever reason, they cannot come to California and spend 30 days or more at Passages.

My dad and I realized this several years ago and wanted to figure out a way to offer these people access to our unique philosophy and treatment methods which helped me stay sober for over 12 years and which were a catalyst to form the world renown Passages Addiction Treatment. This is why we decided to write The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure, the book which helped thousands of people discover their underlying issues of drug and alcohol abuse and find their own passage to sobriety. Since it was published I am proud to say that we have sold and distributed over 300,000 copies of this amazing book throughout the world.

While inpatient treatment is preferred and enormously beneficial for those seeking comprehensive treatment, we have also helped thousands of people overcome their addictions through the treatment methods and at-home addiction solutions we offer in our most popular title. The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure features in-depth explanations of Passages holistic philosophy, including our approach to blending both Eastern and Western practices, and the most current strategies that comprise our innovative addiction treatment program.

You will also have access to personal essays written by our in-house therapists, inspiring testimonials from our alumni, and the story of my agonizing journey from addiction to complete recovery.

I invite you to consider purchasing the book, whether for yourself or a loved one who is looking to find a better life, a life without addiction, a life full of passion and joy. You can purchase a copy at, where you will find more of my father's books about philosophy, inspiration, and meditation as well as products from our supplement line, clothing line, and more. Make this moment count for you or a loved one. Call Passages Today. Insurance Accepted. (855) 863-5245.

- Pax Prentiss